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about us



- Our mission is to ensure  the satisfaction of farmers from the use of  machines provided by our company.

To achieve this, we continuously work towards understanding of the working conditions and the real needs of our customers worldwide.

Different climatic conditions, topography, soil type, technical equipment and use of agricultural methods create agronomic requirements whose understanding  is essential to ensure success of our customers to whom our machinery is delivered. Our ongoing work with the designers, technologists and the offer of machinery  produced in the best Polish farm building plants are the basis of the fulfilment of our mission.

- Efficient and professional service to our customers



- We offer proven designs adapted to different climatic conditions, soil and cultivation technology.

- We cooperate with users on the improvement of our products



- For more than 20 years we have continually followed the development of agriculture in the world, supplying equipment to hundreds of customers

- For years we have participated in exhibitions and demonstrations and testing of agricultural machinery in Europe



- Most of our customers are local distributors of agricultural machinery who provide excellent support for  users