Sweeping machine
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• 3-point linkage – front or rear
• Fixed connection for forklift
• Hydraulic drive (14 kW)
• Sweeping brush diameter 510 mm one of the below
(MIX in standard if no other selected):
›› MIX (metal+ polipropylene)
›› PPN (polipropylene)
›› spiral MIX (for snow removal)
• 2 transport wheels and 1 front supporting wheel Ø 200 mm x 50 mm with mechanical height adjustment
• Ground contour following system (horizontal and vertical)
• Mechanical adjustment of the work angle
Attention! Maximum flow of oil for the sweeper is 60 l/min. and a maximum pressure is 16 MPa- in case of exceeding those values the hydraulic components will damage faster.
• Waste container with mechanical discharge controlled from tractor by rope
• Waste container with hydraulic discharge
• Sprinkler system included: 175 l tank with outside filter, pressure pump/ powered from vehicle installation : 12 (24 V), bar with flat nozzles.
• Rotary side brush to choose from 3 types: MIX type,
PPN type or metal. Mountable on both sides.
• Side brush installation is equipped with shut-off valve
with possibility to turn it off without disassembly
• EURO mount
• Other type of mount for wheel loader: Gehl, JCB, Weidemann, Thaler, Bobcat, Schaffer etc.
• Forklift adapter –required for ground contour following system (only for Euro mount).
• Hydraulic adjustment of work angle allows to sweep without leaving the vehicle.
• Pressure limiting valve for the machine with more hydraulic pressure than 16 MPa
• Oil flow control for the loader with flow higher then 60 l/min.
• Reinforced hydraulics for loader with high flow oil

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